10 crucial Steps to your Internet marketing Business

Steps to your Internet Marketing Business

There are a number of  crucial aspects in setting up a successful online / internet marketing business.

Items including Direction, knowing what you want, the Who What Where and Why, and of course, what you are passionate about; are only some of the great stepping stones that need to be put into place.

You need a proven step x step plan


If you don’t follow the steps – you could be floundering and going no where fast.

Where to from here you may ask ?

It is a matter of putting one foot in front of the other. One step a a time.

This is what I would do in order to move forward without wasting time or effort to build you online business.

  • Find your niche that you can passionately discuss, talk about and teach others
  • Explore that niche to determine if it will support a business.
  • Review the likely sub topics and aspects that you can easily create content about
  • Find products (affiliate products) that you can sell that will COMPLIMENT the nice
  • Set up your Business tools in this order (10 steps):
  1. AutoResponder system (webforms, emails and links)ID-100240767
  2. Generate Traffic / targeted visitors)
  3. Website and or blog, facebook / Twitter / youtube / other social sites)
  4. Generate Traffic / targeted visitors)
  5. Create content and more content, and discuss you topic with others)
  6. Generate more traffic and targeted visitors)
  7. Create a webinar for the niche – either interview someone or present solo)
  8. Generate more traffic and targeted visitors)
  9. Create your own product that you can sell / giveaway / help others in the niche)
  10. become an expert and hold mini events (online) for your niche

Now this might seem like a lot – but it is very systematic and easy to do once you know how.

Each Step in fact can be easily explained and even demonstrated. I will endeavour to do this over a few training sessions. Keep your eyes peeled.


David C


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