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In David’s Own Words…
As a down-to-earth Australian I can say that I am truly blessed. Living on the Sunshine Coast with my young family I have certainly seen my share of hardship and good times. I am a happy Christian that loves to help others see that there is hope and prosperity today and in the future. I believe above all, that honesty and integrity should go before us, and in doing so, we can truly make a difference in our own lives and those of others. This is the same for both our personal and business careers.

My professional career took me places I never thought I would go, and experienced a lot of good and… not-so-good working environments. As a fully qualified civil engineer I learned how to adapt, analyse and “fix” situations and projects. After many years in the engineering field I decided to “look further afield” and expand my career path, and became interested in online marketing and business development. Now with over 5 years solid experience and success in the business marketing strategies and internet marketing arena, I enjoy helping others develop and reach their own business potential. Like helping others with Business Websites, marketing online and setting up business X-Factors!

I also enjoy, promote and love to talk about Natural Health Measures to help avoid sickness, enjoy life and maintain a youthful state. MyHealthAndLiving is one of my passions, and if there is anything that can help people live a healthier lifestyle, I am all for it. I believe now-a-days people have forgotten about the “simple ways” and “natural remedies” to live a healthy lifestyle. Once you understand the simple principles of health for the human body, natural remedies make so much more sense. I am excited about what alternate natural methods can actually do, as I have seen them work over and over again for numerous people, friends and family.

Whilst I love to talk a lot, have a jovial nature and enjoy life, I can truly say that I am blessed. If I can help you find your potential in business, health or even to connect online to say “G’day”, then I am happy to do so ! Connect via our Contacts page.
We now have programs and training in Business Marketing, Internet Marketing, Health, and even Engineering.
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What Others Have to Say…
I’ve always found David Cummings to be extremely helpful, and a loyal networking partner and friend. His knowledge of the Internet is vast, and he keeps me informed as to the latest products or developments. Although we’ve never met in person (he’s in Australia, I’m in Atlanta), we keep in touch on a regular basis and follow each others progress. I can always count on David to provide just the right feedback I need for a product, service or idea.
Michael Craig CEO of Logical Soul, LLC www.logicalsoultalk.com

A big thank to David Cummings for setting up my website videos, and all my social profile sites – I was not sure what I wanted, but he helped me out and point me in the right direction, and set it all up the right way. I fully recommend his services to anyone and all. Donna Munro at www.DonnaMunro.net