The Secrets To Using Your Voice In Your Business Promotion

Business Marketing needs some kind of voice, some kind of platform. What about your voice ? In particular, how you use your voice in a promotional video, or to promote your business in one method or another.

A lot of people are a bit scared of using their voice in order to promote their business because they think it might not be good enough or they don’t really like the sound of their own voice. But we’re here to tell you that you have to put all of that aside; that it doesn’t really matter! The point is, you have a voice and people are out there to listen to your message. We have to get over our own little fears and realize that our voice is there to give a message only. If not, then you can always make use of somebody else’s voice. But we’re going to focus on how you’re going to use your own voice and how you can do it well to promote your own business and propel it forward using simple techniques to do with the voice, how to use it, when to use it, and exactly what to do to get it up and running so that your promotional video will move forward. When we’re talking about voice, we have to consider these aspects.

The first thing that we have to look at is that it has to be your own VOICE. As mentioned, a lot of people think that they don’t like their own voice or they don’t like the sound of their own voice.

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The Benefits of Low Glycemic Food Index List

Since Health plays a big part in our lives, I decided to look at the Glysemic Food Index.
So, Do you feel flat? Do you run out of energy? Is your diet full of energy bars, trying to maintain a get up and go? We will explore the major differences between a high glycemic index food and a low glycemic index food, and that’s very exciting because we can see that there are many, many benefits. Let’s get into it.

First of all, what does GI mean? GI basically stands for Glycemic Index. And it’s a numerical scale used to indicate how fast and how high a particular food can raise our blood glucose or sugar levels. A food with a low GI will typically promote a moderate rise in blood glucose, while a food with a high GI may cause our blood glucose or blood sugar levels to rise exceptionally fast and increase above what it really should be.

Glycemic index can help you control your blood sugar levels, and in turn, help prevent obesity, cancer, heart disease, improve cholesterol levels, and, of course, help maintain a healthy weight. See more at our MyHealthAndLiving Site: click here.

Discover Copywriting Secrets For Business Video Marketing

CopyWriting Secrets that Sell.

We’re excited about the whole concept of video because it can really showcase your business in just a few words or motions. You can use YouTube and other video social marketing sites to help you and you can put it on your own website as well. This will really make a difference. We’re all about enhancing your business exposure through video and other hot social marketing methods.

I’m very excited to share with you the topic of copy. What is copy? You might have heard a lot of people talk about it. Copy is actually the words on the page; the words that people talk about and use to describe what they are trying to say. They can be on an introductory page, a lead capture page, or some sort of brochure that you pick up in the shops. It could even be on a thank you page. Copy is just composed of the words, but it persuades people to do something, whatever it might be. Your copy or the words tell the reader what to do. You’re basically instructing them to do certain things at certain times, and that’s the beauty of copy. You can do it subliminally, or you can do it so that they know what to do. Really powerful words or copy can make all the difference.

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Business Video Marketing Strategies

Business Tools such as video can Boost Your Business big time.
There is so much you can do with video. It applies to almost every business, whether offline or online, small and large businesses, and local or global ones.

Videos can show case your business or venture with ease; highlighting your most valuable message by way of pictures, motion, and voice-overs. “A picture is worth a thousand words” as they say, and a video is worth a thousand pictures. You can literally portray your message in only seconds or minutes with the right video presentation. People can really connect with video, and there is social proof of this all over the internet.

There are major differences between the different types of video. Some of them are:

– Introductory videos
– Lead Generation videos
– Sales Page videos
– Ad videos
– Training videos
– Information and Update videos
– Fun videos and so much more!

As you can imagine, it is a matter of knowing your audience, knowing who will be watching your message, and appealing to them in the correct manner. We want to discuss the ways to tackle it all and how to save money by doing it yourself. Once you have the formula, you can make countless videos over and over again.

One of the biggest things that many don’t understand is how to market yourself and your business. Using the power of video, this can be simplified and made to represent whatever you want – do it the right way and you’ll create a brand. BUT, do it the wrong way, and you’ll just look like you’re trying too hard.

Using video in your marketing campaigns can really boost your whole image online and your niche as a whole. After all, that’s what Business Video Marketing Strategies are all about!

It’s exciting to talk about Video and how it generally works in business because your eyes are opened to a world that you probably never know is possible. You get to see things that others just can’t see. You get to be ahead of the game.

There are many topics about videos. These include:

– The basics of video
– Knowing your audience
– Knowing your topic
– The Reason why you are doing the video – most important
– Doing videos with more than 1 take (over and over) and editing
– The basics of lighting
– The best way to capture audio
– How to avoid a boring performance.
– How NOT to do slide presentations in your video
– How to convert your videos into webinars
– Video cash and how to monetize your videos
– The way to spice up your videos with other tools
– Face to Face and Screen capture – why it’s important to have good tools
– How to merge and transition videos
– Why video outranks still silent boring websites
– The major differences between long videos and short videos – (and it’s not what you think)

As you may have noticed, even small and local businesses go to websites. However, local businesses also need to stand out from the crowd. Even a small 30 second video is very powerful in the right setting, especially if it’s just a welcome video on your site.

Another aspect is that you can put up a video, and someone can follow you immediately. You can even generate sales immediately. And the best bit is that it is FREE, and if your videos and brand are spread all over the internet, people will come to you. You will be seen as the expert and leader.

It’s amazing to see that this media is still not used to its full potential. In fact, there are certain tweaks that can be done to BOOST your whole campaign over and over again, and we hope to get into those little tricks.

What about YouTube, do you use that for your business? So you can have some help videos, some information videos, and marketing videos there as well? Do you use other platforms like Viddler, VidCaster, Daily Motion, Vevo, Yahoo Video and others? Did you know that if you constantly share things on the platforms and build a following, your ranking on the internet will skyrocket? I hope so.

This is very exciting for people wanting to reach out, branch out, and make a real brand. Just remember that the followers are real people – like you and me.


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