Achieving Success in Site Promotion – Part 2

ID-100109840Getting a website up and running is not a difficult thing to do, but ensuring that it is done properly in order to gain quality traffic is the key to a successful website. This is where website promotion comes in.

In our previous post, we have discussed several strategies in achieving success in site promotion. Here are a few more.

Gain (and keep) target visitors             

When the loyalty of target visitors has been established, it meant that the site is now popular because of its interesting and informative content. It also meant that interest has already been gained, which contributed to the curiosity factor and is encouraging other new visitors to the site.

In order to achieve a loyal target base, provide tangible benefits to your site’s visitors. Having good offers featured on the site is an effective way of garnering interest that may convert into consistent visits that will form your loyal target base. Providing incentives are significantly helpful in encouraging visitors to stay loyal to your website.

Build links

Link building is an aspect of internet marketing that should not be disregarded as unnecessary and cumbersome. This important site promotion tool must not be overlooked because of its traffic enhancement attributes.

Now, you might ask… Why is link building important? This is because the increased visibility factor facilitated by the links would definitely contribute to traffic enhancement for your site.

Examples of link building activities are interactive participations in forums, blogs, and other activities that would bring about even more interest in the site through further related links. Including quality content in the linked sites will also create credibility for the site, a highly regarded feature among the more serious prospects of the site.

Use ‘attractive’ Meta Tags and Keywords

ID-100238188A prerequisite to achieving success in site promotion is site optimization. Meta tag descriptions would have great importance when it comes to determining the positioning of the website on the search results. Usually, the number of keywords used and their importance and density within the description tag is pivotal in heightening the chances of gaining a higher rank on the search engines.

However, it should also be kept in mind that overusing keywords will also be detrimental to your site, for you will be deemed as spamming. Therefore, choosing and distributing the enough number of keywords on your site’s content will garner the desired attention to your site and attract more target visitors.

For those who are venturing into the online marketing arena, it is important to understand and bear in mind that everything doesn’t just fall into place. Patience and perseverance is something that should be a part of any internet marketer’s mindset. Otherwise, the foray into this field will be short and disastrous. The trial and error experience of any internet marketer may prove to be an asset in the long run. Remembering the strategies for achieving success in site promotion will be of great help in order to achieve that promotional boost that any website owner strives for.

Achieving Success in Site Promotion – Part 1


In the Internet Marketing arena, website promotion is an essential part in keeping a website relevant and successful. It is an important process that will ensure that the flow of traffic towards a website is being optimized at all times.

Putting in some thought and effort is one of the first things that the internet marketer must be prepared to do in order to promote his or her site. Failure to do so will result in the use of poor strategies that will defeat the purpose of gaining a steady, if not increasing, stream of traffic towards the site. To do this, sourcing for information and tips regarding current promotional methods must be periodically done.

With so many striving online entrepreneurs out there, how does one ‘stand out’ and get noticed? Here are some helpful strategies to help out the budding entrepreneurs.

Create awesome content.

Before going out of your way and telling the world that your website is ‘The Place To Browse On,’ make sure that it actually is. By creating awesome and informative content, you could gain a phenomenal amount of traffic towards your website.

When searching for content material, researching for quality information should be a priority in creating a platform for great content. Look for fresh, new, and exciting concepts to introduce in your site that will be deemed awesome, especially if the idea is practical and beneficial to a lot of people. This will then be featured at the site, where it will be identified as deserving of a higher rank, based on its quality.

Create and promote a series for return visits.

After the initial visit to the site, all steps should be taken to ensure that the visitor will visit the site again and will continue to do so regularly and consistently. This can be achieved by providing fresh content on a regular basis so that the target audience will know (and anticipate) when the site will be updated with new material.

Make the site easy to navigate.

ID-100163989Being able to strike a comfortable balance between the design and the content of the site is important to get the result you’re aiming for, that is, the positive reception from your target audience. So it is important to incorporate elements such as good navigation guides or tabs with attractive colours in designing the site.

However, be careful not to overwhelm the target audience with pages (albeit, nice to look at) that are not navigation friendly or with easy-to-navigate pages that have poorly designed content. Providing an attractive menu with easy-to-follow navigation tabs will encourage your target audience to feel comfortable and excited in accessing information as they browse your website. Positioning the navigation tabs in the same areas on all pages is also advised. Make sure that your site’s visitor would not be taken in circles so they would not get frustrated and avoid your site the next time.

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Realize Your Dreams

ID-100101689No matter what people around you say – Stick to your dream. Don’t let the “Nay Sayers” steal your dreams. Determine your dream – your future – your gateway. It is YOURS.

Seek advice from the Entrepreneurs that have gone before you – not your mates down the pub. Follow those who have successfully done it before you.

One thing is for sure – everyone has an opinion. Everyone is an expert. Everyone has a “story”.

Everyone can comment on your dreams, but only a few have the actual internal fortitude to actually get up and pursue their own dreams. So, after you have established and confirmed your dream, your worthy ideal, then it is time to start your action plan.

If your dreams are positive, will help you, do not violate the rights of others, and are in line with good moral standing, then GO FOR IT! There is nothing stopping you!

Get photos or captions applicable to your dreams, your worthy ideal, and place them where you can see them every day. This will help you realize your dreams by reminding you that you are doing the actions steps for a real purpose.

And that is what we call a New Resolution. Realize your dreams.

A Brand New Day – How to Become One of the 1%

ID-10029725You’ve heard of the saying “that’s how the other half lives…” This saying is supposed to categorize people and wealth.

In actual fact, it is only about 1%. I’m talking about those who are successful and actually fulfill their dreams. It’s that small number that actually get up, decide at they have had enough, and are determined to actually do something about it. There are a lot of talkers, and a lot of idealists, but very few people who really do something about their situation. And then you find some people start to do something about changing their future, their overall wealth, and then they run into a problem and give up before they get their reward. That my friend is reality!

It is imperative that a massive shift or change happen in order to make a difference. The truth is that if you always do what you have always done, then you will always get what you have always got. Imagine an insect trapped inside a house, and they keep trying to escape through the glass window, it just isn’t going to happen. But if they stop and look for an open door instead, then they will truly escape their demise. This is essentially the same for us. All of us. It’s a brand new Day…. so…

Here’s what we need to do to reach the 1% club.

• Recognize your situation
• Be truthful, and figure out just how bad (or good) it really is
• Develop an escape plan, by following the lead from other people who have escaped.
• Develop an action plan to go with the escape plan… Write down Step by step what you must do.
• Initiate your backup principles – no matter how poor or well off you are: (That is to save 10% of everything you earn into a bank account that you will not spend but rather save, and save a further 10% to give to God, a charity and or to help others, and then, work with the remaining 80% of your income.) this might seem a little “airy fairy” but it is the principle that will make you rich beyond compare.. Both individually as a person, and wealth in materialistic measure. (your savings should be split into 3 buckets: 70% long term low risk security, 20% higher risk investment, and 10% into your “reward account” that you can spend on yourself when you reach milestones in your plan)
• Recognize that is is Never Too Late to start… obviously the sooner the better.
• Associate with successful people who will build you up, and disassociate with people who will bring you down. Energy always flows better from a higher to a lower potential, so green what you an from positive high energy people.
• Be consistent – evaluate your plan regularly, and follow the plan,

And Finally, never give up – never give up – never give up.

So can we Welcome you to the 1% club?

As simple as this might seem, not many follow it, hence, not many people are in the 1% club! – It’s Now your next move..

Everything Comes at a Price…

Everyone wants success, but are they willing to pay the price? Some people go at it half-heartedly, while others go whole-heartedly and never quite get there… Sometimes it is so close you can almost taste it, almost reach out and touch it. It would be a real shame to get so close to actually getting it, and quitting just before you cross the finish line. The thing is – that you should NOT give up. But remember that it will come at a price.

ID-10037535What is the price you may ask ? There is one thing in life that is constant for everyone. But before we divulge that secret there are basically only two ways to get something that is just out of your reach – like a real dream or massive goal. You can either (a) pay for it and get someone else to show you the best way to get it faster, or the other way (b) spend time and learn and attain it for yourself. Now the big secret that is constant for everyone is time. we all only have a certain amount of time. some have money and others do not. But we are all bound by 24 hours in a day and only a certain life span. Not being all morbid but this is so true. If you are willing to achieve your goals, faster, then either pay someone to help you, or learn it for yourself.

BOTH OF THESE METHODS TAKE EFFORT! I thoroughly recommend that take the short cut and get someone to teach you the easy way faster, and that way you can spend your extra time on doing the things that you would rather do for yourself and your loved ones. Save Time and short cut the system – for example Here. It’s also very important that you do not get dismayed. That you do not lose focus on your dream, and that you keep that action plan alive. A positive step everyday is progress. The fact is that YOU CAN DO IT! with the right training and guidance. It is a matter of following instruction at the right time, and duplicate other people’s success pattern. Yes, it is that simple. I know when I made my first $20 online, (and my subsequent $1,000 etc online) it was a matter of just following the pattern from someone else. It was that simple.
The price is a little time and effort.

So Are You willing to Pay That Price? Well?…The Answer Should unequivocally be YES!